mardi 19 août 2008

Les nouveautés à venir de XEN 3.3

Stephen Spector de la communauté Xen a posté un pdf annonçant les nouveautés à venir de Xen 3.3, à savoir :

Performance and Scalability
o CPUID Levelling
o Shadow 3 Page Table Optimizations
o EPT/NPT 2MB Page Support
o Virtual Framebuffer Support for HVM Guests
o PVSCSI -- SCSI Support for PV Guests
o Full 16-bit Emulation on Intel VT

o PVGRUB Secure Replacement for PYGRUB
o IO Emulation “stub domains” for HVM IO

Green Computing
o Enhanced C & P State Power Management

Graphics Support
o VT-d Device Pass-Through Support

o Upgrade QEMU Version
o Multi-Queue Support for Modern NICs
o Removal of Domain Lock for PV Guests
o Message Signalled Interrupts

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