dimanche 14 septembre 2008

[ENGLISH] VMworld 2008 : What to expect from CISCO [a little revolution]

In terms of virtualization, all eyes are turned to Cisco, few days before the opening of VMworld (I will cover the event, stay tuned).
Last week, I had a little discussion with Carlos Escapa, EMEA Director at VMware (see video in french), and it was pretty obvious that VMware and Cisco were working together (R&D) to find a way of doing better virtualization, and improve communication between network and virtual machines.
We will know more next Tuesday, but it seems that at VMworld in Las Vegas next week, Cisco may be announcing a new network technology called DVN (Distributed Virtual Networking) , a virtual networking management solution. DVN should include a virtual switch named (DVS) and various networking tools specific to virtual machines. This virtual switch will be embeded in ESX/ESXi (version 4 ?).
It would be possible to create VLANs. Another feature probably called "VMotion Network", would (like VMotion is doing) be able to migrate virtual machines from one server to another if the network fails. At last, APIs would allow third parties switches to be connected. Cisco take advantage of its new NXOS, available with its new switches Nexus. vFrame and DVN would be complementary.

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Christofer Hoff a dit…

Just to be clear, DVN and DVS aren't Cisco's technologies or creations, they are larger branding associated with VMware's new "v-everything" marketing efforts that are grouped under the vNetwork moniker.

DVN/DVS speak to the vNetwork elements and their various application to allow functional interface with the vkernel via API (at both the network and appliance level -- which includes what we used to know as VMsafe.)