mardi 16 septembre 2008

[VMworld 08] DataSynapse'solution integrated with Cisco VFrame [Provisionning the Network Ressources]

Sum up in english : DataSynapse Inc., a leader in dynamic application service management software for the next-generation data center, today announced integration of its FabricServer to Cisco’s VFrame data center provisioning and infrastructure orchestration product. As a result of this technology integration, enterprise data center architects can now dynamically scale a complete application service stack as virtualized application and hardware infrastructure objects.

En français :

Datasynapse annonce l'intégration de sa solution Fabric Server à l'outil d'orchestration VFrame de Cisco. "La combinaison de DataSynapse, Cisco VFrame et VMware est la première solution intégrée de bout en bout pour provisionner les applications et les ressources d’infrastructure. La valeur ajoutée de DataSynapse dans cet accord est au niveau de couche applicative d’un modèle de définition de service (Application->
Virtualisation-> Infrastructure", m'a glissé Jean-Pierre Ullmo, Sales Director

From the press realease you can learn a little bit more : FabricServer and VFrame treat the application and infrastructure as service components, respectively, and can dynamically apply or remove these services in unison. Customers benefit from right sized hosted infrastructures and enhanced capacity with real time utilization policies.

Both FabricServer and VFrame are key enablers of modular, always-responsive and energy-efficient next generation data centers. FabricServer automates the provisioning and manages the service levels of complex enterprise applications and associated platforms by dynamically configuring, activating and scaling applications based on business policies and business demand. FabricServer can provision enterprise applications to both physical and virtual server platforms running VMware ESX.

Cisco VFrame abstracts the underlying hardware resources, including, server, storage, and networking resources, as dynamic hosting pools to FabricServer. Through a set of complementary policies and interfaces, FabricServer can make capacity change requests to VFrame, either to release or add more hardware resources to a software pool. VFrame can then re-program the underlying hardware specific to service requirements as defined within each application group.

“Many customers want to deploy virtualized infrastructures all the way from the infrastructure up to the application layers,” said Bill Erdman, Senior Marketing Director within Cisco’s Data Center Technology Organization. “With the integrated VFrame and FabricServer solution, IT architects can quickly design and deploy applications and associated virtualized infrastructure as services through customer-defined policies.”

“Deploying and managing virtual infrastructures is becoming imperative for today’s IT managers,” said Jamie Bernardin, President, CTO and Co-Founder at DataSynapse.“ This integration offers users a simple set of tools that allows them to efficiently get virtual infrastructures up and running, and then managed and scaled dynamically based on business policy and demand.”

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