mardi 16 septembre 2008

[VMworld 08] Emulex FCoE certified for ESX

sum up in english : Emulex Corporation today announced that the Emulex LightPulse® LP21000 family of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Converged Network Adapters
(CNAs) has been certified for VMware ESX. Emulex CNAs provide VMware
customers with transparent network and storage connectivity for both
physical and virtual environments, coupled with the ability to leverage
existing management tools and processes associated with Fibre Channel Host
Bus Adapters (HBAs) already deployed.

En français : La nouvelle génération FCoE risque de faire mal à l'iSCSI. Emulex vient d'annoncer que son LightPulse a été certifié pour VMware ESX. Ce qui permet une connectivité pour le stockage en Fibre Channel, sur le réseau Ethernet.

From the press release :
“Emulex has long been a leader in developing and driving new storage
technologies and standards such as N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) to fuel
server virtualization adoption, and today’s announcement is indicative of
the continued trend towards convergence in the data center,” said Taufik
Ma, vice president of product marketing, Emulex. “VMware customers using
Emulex CNAs within virtualized server environments will now be able to
experience the same usability, management capabilities and best-in-class
connectivity they expect from Emulex seamlessly within a unified network.”

“Continued adoption of server virtualization is driving the need for
simplified networking and fabric convergence. Emulex has been working with
VMware to deliver enterprise-class interconnect solutions for these
next-generation data centers, certified to operate with VMware
virtualization,” said Shekar Ayyar, vice president of infrastructure
alliances at VMware. “Emulex CNAs, like its HBAs, are a great complement
to the VMware platform, allowing customers to take full advantage of the
server consolidation, robust manageability, and high availability of
VMware virtualized environments.”

Emulex CNAs also support Emulex’s Virtual HBA technology with
industry-standard NPIV, which allows customers to effectively "virtualize"
SAN connections so that each virtual machine has independent access to its
own protected storage. This provides several benefits, including the
ability to track and chargeback the storage utilization at the virtual
machine level using Emulex’s HBAnyware® management suite.

“When Cisco introduced the Nexus 5000 10GE server access switch with
support for FCoE, we also introduced an eco-system of partners who
supported the platform and the FCoE technology,” said Ed Bugnion, CTO,
Server Access and Virtualization Business Unit at Cisco. “With the
certification of the Emulex LP21000 by VMware, this ecosystem has been
extended to server virtualization, enhancing customers’ ability to
consolidate their data center resources.”

“FCoE technologies, such as Emulex CNAs, can help provide a clear path for
data center managers looking to converge multiple fabrics onto a single
network in order to further streamline operations and lower infrastructure
costs in virtualized server environments,” said Barbara Robidoux, EMC Vice
President, Storage Product Marketing. “The EMC E-Lab is working closely
with Emulex to ensure that its CNAs are qualified and fully interoperable
with EMC's leading networked storage systems so that data center managers
will be able to seamlessly deploy new FCoE capabilities when they are

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